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Mucky Nutz MugGuards Long Black

Mucky Nutz MugGuards Long Black
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Om produktet
We are super excited to bring you the MugGuard - our first venture into the 3D fender market. We have taken our time to develop a fully functional and sharp looking piece of kit, that will compliment your ride and keep you shredding without eating dirt, whatever the conditions!
Available in two sizes, the MugGuard has been engineered for maximum functionality and durability, with minimum weight. 
- Short MugGuard is 400mm long and weighs just 75g. A great year-round option.
- Long MugGuard is 600mm long and weighs just 105g. This makes it the longest of its type currently available on the market, offering maximum muck protection. Ideal for winter and really rough conditions!

Both guards are compatible with 26”, 27.5’’ & 29” wheel diameters, and will fit most standard and boost suspension fork / tyre combinations up to 3”.
The MugGuard profile has been developed to prevent clogging when shredding the sticky stuff; with subtle features such as:
- Forward lip to minimise spray. Sharp trailing edge to cut cloggy soil away from the tyre.
- Recessed bridge area to increase tyre clearance.
- Wide upper arm profile to protect your seals and stanchions from mud and grit.
- Six fastenings anchor the guard firmly to the fork, so there is no rattling and minimal movement, even in the rockiest conditions. 
- Multiple fastening slots for increased functionality, with the potential to use the MugGuard at the rear of the bike to protect the shock, depending on frame architecture.  

Finished in a stealthy matt and gloss black, this is a premium looking mudguard that won't break the bank!
Proudly manufactured in the UK - using recycled material.
Your guard will arrive in a branded bag which includes the fastener - please recycle the bag!
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