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20" dæk

Maxxis DTH 20"

Maxxis DTH 20"

The first few pedal strokes win the holeshot. The holeshot wins the race.
Designed for the 2008 Beijing Games, the foldable DTH is super-light to accelerate like no other BMX tire, yet holds up to the abuse you dish out.
The dual-compound tread corners incomparably on hard-packed tracks and rolls fast on the straights.
The Gold Medal is just a sprint away.
Maxxis Grifter 20"

Maxxis Grifter 20"

It almost feels like cheating.
The foldable bead and lightweight materials allow tricks to flow so much easier - without the extra weight to throw around.
High pressure and dual compound tread make landings stick at any angle.
Maxxis used these technologies and more to produce the Grifter; simply the best freestyle tire ever.