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Gusset greb

Gusset Silikone Greb

Gusset Silikone Greb

Super soft, lightweight, comfortable, dense silicone foam grips.

  • 6 mm thick.
  • Approx. 34mm outer diameter (when fitted).
  • Weight 81g
  • Includes push-in end caps.
Gusset Silikone Greb Lock on 130mm

Gusset Silikone Greb Lock on 130mm

Silicone Clamp-on Foam Grips.

Lightweight, dense silicone foam grips bonded to inner clamp-on sleeve.

Weight 124g.

Inner PVC sleeve has weight reducing slots.

4 mm thick foam with 32mm grip outer diameter.

Double end, alloy clamp-on fittings.

Includes push-in end caps.