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Banshee AMP DJ ramme

Banshee AMP DJ ramme

The Amp is simply a blast to ride.
It is super low and aggressive, gives you crazy pop off lips and rails round berms due to frame stiffness.
The ultra-low standover, light and tight package makes basic tricks like no foot cans, tail whips and 3's a breeze.
To become a truly explore the limits of what is possible you need confidence, the Amp provides ultimate confidence!
Banshee Darkside

Banshee Darkside

Drop out options:
150X12mm, 650B
142X12mm, 650B
150X12mm, 26"
142X12mm, 26"
135X10mm, 26"
Banshee Phantom

Banshee Phantom

27,5+ - 29" - 29+ Compatible, depending on dropout choice.